Otto Zitko – Retroprospektiv

Otto Zitko - Retroprospektiv, Publication

Hemma Schmutz, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz,
Ingeburg Wurzer, Atelier Otto Zitko Vienna (eds.), Berlin 2019
Text: Ulrich Loock

Otto Zitko is known for his concept of drawing executed from a painter’s perspective. The seemingly endless continuous line he applies to large-scale canvases, sheets of paper, and walls has established itself as a recurring constant which sometimes dissolves into pure painterly arrangements.
This publication collects not only Zitko’s early oil paintings on canvas, carbon reverse glass paintings, large-format aluminum panels, and current works, but also his many space and wall installations, created in situ in different locations since the early 1990s. Richly illustrated and supplemented with a contribution by Ulrich Loock and a foreword by Hemma Schmutz, the book traces Zitko’s artistic development and documents the changes in medium, as well as in drawing and painting materials, across his oeuvre.